When buying a pressure cleaner, noise is a vital factor to consider. Most people focus on portability, water pressure, unit size, etc., and forget the noise. The design and functioning of the machine are different. Some are quieter than others, while others are loud and vibrate more. You need ear protection gear when using a noisy pressure cleaner. There are two types of pressure cleaners; gas and electric. Both are great but still produce sound. So we explain which one is the less noisy pressure washer.

Which pressure washer is quieter?

Having a quiet pressure cleaner is a plus. Individuals or contractors who use these machines regularly appreciate the less noisy models. This is because the noise can damage their hearing, so it’s better to be safe. An electric pressure washer is usually less noisy than the gas type.

How quiet can you describe the electric pressure washer?

Noise levels are measured through the decibel rating. Electric washers make noise of about 80 decibels on average. Some go up to 70, meaning you can comfortably use them with no protective gear. So they are not completely quiet. It’s just that their noise is bearable and doesn’t affect your hearing. Gas washers record noise levels above 85 decibels, which is dangerous. When working with them, you need things like earplugs, cotton balls, or earmuffs. They reduce the noise by at least 30 decibels which is manageable.

More about electric and gas pressure cleaners

Gas pressure cleaners are louder than most standard power tools. They operate at a PSI twice as much as that of electrical pressure cleaners. If the electric PSI is 2000, the gas washer machine is 4000. They are pretty powerful hence produce so much noise while working. Electric pressure cleaners make noise only when fired up and stop when the trigger is dropped. For the gas type, they continue powering and being loud even after letting go of the trigger.

Using a pressure cleaner machine in a quiet neighborhood sound disturbing. The noise can be a nuisance to people, but washing is necessary. Nevertheless, you can opt for electric types of less loud gas machines. All gas pressure washers don’t produce similar noise levels. Some are louder than others. That with 85 decibels is better than one with 100. Electric pressure models are best, but they are small and handle lightweight tasks. We cant all keep away from gas models since functions vary. If you have big objects or heavy-duty tasks, gas is the best. But consider a quieter version.

As earlier mentioned, too much noise can damage your hearing. It’s advisable to wear protective ear gear from 85 decibels. However, what really causes hearing damage is prolonged exposure to loud noise. Contactors or everyday cleaners are at risk of permanently damaging their ears if no caution is taken.

Final words

Electric pressure cleaners are definitely quieter than gas washers. They produce less sound that doesn’t affect one’s hearing. Gas models, on the other hand, and massive and loud. One reason for their high noise levels is their powerful nature. They are ideal for heavy duties, and their pressure is also high. If you can go for an electric washer, be careful about the gas pressure cleaner you choose.


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